The Creative Case

for Diversity in Britain

City University London 23/03/2011

The Creative Case Platform


In 2010 Third Text published its Report, compiled and edited by Richard Appignanesi, Beyond Cultural Diversity: the Case for Creativity, commissioned by the Diversity Team at Arts Council England.  An online version of the book is now available on this site.

The 2010 Third Text Report provides the basis for developing our Creative Case platform with original contributions of articles and artworks, reviews and news of events, and interviews that reflect the cultural diversity of contemporary art practices in Britain that extend without respect to borders.

Our mission is to advance the creative case today for a culturally integrated British society by advocating broader art historical and critical discourses beyond the confines of Eurocentric and ethnocentric aesthetic criteria.  Our Creative Case platform will serve to acknowledge the artistic heritage and the contemporary achievements of Britain’s diversity of artists engaged in a global context.  We aim to maintain an open access forum that will appraise the work of artists hitherto at risk of being side-lined by mainstream validating interests.